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Welcome to Skin Aeon MQ 6 Translation Project.

My pleasure to announce that the translation project of the Aeon MQ 6, are open in Transifex site, this is only initial phase, we will have many changes in the strings until the skin is finalized.

Link for access and request team join:

In Alphabetic order:

Arabic - kim1406 
Bulgarian - alex95sv
Catalan - mrfloffy 
Chinese - taxigps 
Croatian - mitaok Tajmahal26 (T) 
Czech - Fery 
Danish - tenzion, denver99 (T) 
Dutch - schumi2004, Skank (T) 
Estonian - Open for request
Finnish - hatiac 
French - GuiZ Mati24(T)
Galician - xurxo
German - janusreith zawaponga´s (T), Ash (T) 
Greek - CutSickAss 
Hebrew - BuSHari , yakirp88 (T) , dhead666 (T) 
Hindi - amanker 
Hungarian - attilazsigus pulse117(T) 
Italian - peppe_sr Simzer0 (T) 
Japanese - shaolin 
Korean - piodio
Lithuanian - ArtX38 
Norwegian - magnusalex 
Polish - Etharr 
Portuguese - nelsonamen , Pingo.Mister (T) 
Romanian - sergiocos 
Russian - SergeiAK 
Slovak - Open to request 
Slovenian - tadej 
Spanish - terratec 
Spanish (Argentina) - LinkinStg 
Spanish (Mexico) - Palalisimo 
Swedish - thedarer JohNan (T)
Thai - devilshura 
Turkish - uskumru 
Ukrainian - Godfazzer 
Vietnamese - dukevn tess_vn (T) 

Coordinator = 
Translator = (T)

If you're on the list, but for whatever reason do not wish to participate in the project, please send us a private message, so we can open vague to someone else.

Their language is not in the list above, and the same is supported in KODI, request the creation of his language, thank you for your support.

Wanilton and MarcosQui
Aeon MQ 6, a smart skin for smart people.
Translators, please check in transifex site, now MQ6 translation project have 2 projects - Helix and Isengard versions.

Thanks for great job in help us to translate skin Aeon MQ6.