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Versão completa: Switching fanart when on any particular movie information screen
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Hi! I have 5 or more fanart images(backgrounds) stored for each movie in its respective folder. When I select any movie in kodi (skin of course MQ5) it shows me one of the fanart and movie info superimposed on the fanart. I remember Media Portal years ago in which the background fanart would keep rotating between the 5 available instead of keep displaying just one. Can i do this auto roration in Kodi(MQ5) Thanks as always
Yes, only need activate option extranart, in top menu, see this image for visual reference, click image for enlarge

Need extrapack folder for each movie, with respective fanaarts inside. Work in MQ5 or MQ6 Skin.

[Imagem: ykeSLtL.jpg]
I activated as above, but the fanart does not change on its own.
I have the screenshots but can you tell me how to insert them in my reply. The insert image button above only refers to a site and does not allow browsing to a file on the PC.
Ok I managed to do it.
I tried with a couple of movie folders. Created a folder extrafanart in the movie folder and copied the different backgrounds to it. The fanart changes even though the image names are background1, background2  and so on. The images did not have to be named fanart1, fanart 2.
However this would mean that I have to manually create a folder extrafanart in each movie folder and copy the fanart from the movie folder to this folder. A most tiring job seeing that there are over 1200 movie folders on my NAS device. Is there any short cut for automatically creating extrafanart folder in each movie folder and downloading all availabe backdrops into them
Yes, many tools, ember, mediaelch, emby, or use addon artwork downloader (in this case, configure for use local arts, in advanced tab (settings addon).
I thank you for your help every time.
(04/06/2015, 23:41)tuareg Escreveu: [ -> ]I am having the old problem again. Using Kodi 18.4 and MQ8 2.9 Movies are all arranged in separate folders and the extra fanart for each movie is in folder "extrafanart" . In the top menu, extra fanart is activated. However the fanart is not changing when the movie name is highlighted.  Request any help.