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Versão completa: [PUBLIC PREVIEW] Aeon MQ6 Helix by MarcosQui
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Now it is official. As promised, here Aeon MQ 6 (Helix) version 2.4.0 beta 1 stable for all users, by MarcosQui.


1 - Be aware that it is a beta version, so there are still some thins that I need to be fixed.
2 - This version is destinated only to the users of Kodi Helix.
3 - This Helix version is unique and won't have updates. The work on the skin continues, but only in version Isengard. Visit the brazilian forum to obtain more information:


Added: Flexible Widgets for main menu.
Added: Flags for countries.
Added: Icons for years.
Added: Style Selector for main menu.
Added: Option to load external ExtraPack.
Added: Transparency Palette for the Media Cases.
Added: New layout for Music Visualization - Layout 3 - Available in OSD settings. (thanks to Devilshura)
Added: Release Notes in Main Menu/Settings/Info Panel.
Added: Support to Extended Info script.
Added: Menu EXTRAS for show extended info content.
Added: Support to Arabic Fonts. (thanks to chakib)
Added: View Type Total Art.
Added: Media Flags for Video Studio.
Added: Media Flags for Music Record.
Added: Media Flag for Video - Top 250.
Added: Widget 'Library Status' for all sub categories: Movie/Tvshow/Concert and Music.
Added: Color Palette for the Media Labels and Bar (floor).
Added: Reset button for area. In customization window.
Added: Support for Cyrillic fonts. (thanks to Angelinas)
Added: View Type PosterList.
Added: Custom Home - Preview button for custom image background.
Added: View Type PosterLite. (thanks to CutSickAss)
Added: Main Menu/Settings - Info panel now is a Active panel.
Added: View Type ShowArt - Art size, default and big.
Added: Color Palette for the Styles (main menu bar).
Added: Color Palette for the Fonts - main menu.
Added: MPAA Rating in French. (thanks to Rififi77)
Added: Color Palettes have a 'memory' of last used color or transparency. User friend.
Added: New layout for Music Visualization - Available in OSD settings.
Improved: New Weather Window. Forecast up to 16 days.
Improved: Default Background on Windows - Now the window keeps the image used in Main Menu, including Themes and custom image.
Improved: Dialog Video Info/Artist info access. Now you can use 2 x arrow down to see artist image and press Enter to see artist information.
Improved: View type Banner and Banner Info now offer support to seasons.
Improved: Code for Flexible Widgets/Extras. (thanks to Angelinas)
Improved: Code changes to improve compatibility with non-Windows systems.

and much more....


Main menu more stylish

[Imagem: QuVu8ZJ.jpg]

Flexible widgets

[Imagem: 7d9t2pQ.jpg]

[Imagem: G7HOUEq.jpg]

More customizations

[Imagem: bO28Qtj.jpg]

[Imagem: DW8MGD9.jpg]

Music visualization (by Devilshura)

[Imagem: luDE5eV.jpg]

View PosterLite (by CutSickAss)

[Imagem: gg3HvrZ.jpg]

View Poster List

[Imagem: 1YL2sQu.jpg]

View Total Art

[Imagem: LKXsTKY.jpg]


Aeon MQ 6, more stable, more powerful and uses less resources from the system.