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Versão completa: Kodi Helix + AEON MQ 6 2.4.0 Settings overwritten
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Hello, I hope you can help me...
I'm trying to assign a comnand to Menu by editing the guisettings.xml file manually as I used to do. It works on MQ5 but now, on MQ6 the changes that I do It not takes effect.
Even when I reboot the system the file guisettings.xml is reverted to the original status: the changes I made are disappeared.

These are the settings I use. I've marked the manual changes:
<setting type="string" name="skin.aeonmq6.menu19.label">MODO SALON</setting>
<setting type="string" name="skin.aeonmq6.menu19.defaultlabel"></setting>
<setting type="string" name="skin.aeonmq6.menu19.path">LoadProfile(Salon,return)</setting>

Thanks in advance and excuse me if my written english is not good enough.