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Versão completa: 51 More Studio Flags (Netflix, BBC America, FXX, Cannon Pictures, Full Moon, etc)
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I have spent the last few days getting all my movies and TV shows standardized, and I created several new Studio logos for use with Aeon MQ6. All images are 161x109 PNG with the logo in white on a transparent background. There are some duplicates in here, like Cannon Films, Cannon Pictures, and Cannon International. There are also a few that I pulled from the main skin and just re-named, like The Asylum. I tried to use existing flags whenever possible, but I still had a lot of logos I ended up making to get 100% coverage.

To "install" these you simply need to unzip this package to the skin.aeonmq6 folder in your Add-Ons folder where you installed Aeon MQ6.
The files end up in Kodi15\portable_data\addons\skin.aeonmq6\media\flags\studios on my test system.
The pack is 1.05 MB when unzipped.
You can download it from my Google Drive.

Here's a list of the files in this pack
21st century film corporation
bbc america
cannon films
cannon international
cannon pictures
cinema epoch
code red
cult epics
drafthouse films
empire pictures
eone entertainment
epic pictures group
freestyle releasing
full moon enterprises
full moon entertainment
golan-globus productions
hammer film productions
hemdale film
hutson ranch media
iyara films
jensen farley pictures
kingsborough greenlight pictures
kino lorber
magnet releasing
main street films
mpi media group
new concorde
new horizons
october films
olive films
open road films
orion pictures
oscilloscope pictures
overseas filmgroup
producers distribution agency (pda)
reliance entertainment
rhino home video
shapiro-glickenhaus entertainment
simitar entertainment
the asylum
the jokers
the weinstein company
tokyo mx
tribeca film
tv asahi
wiseau films
xlrator media
xyz films
Inclui as flags nas versões custom do fórum, assim ninguém que tenha acesso, precisa fazer algo extra.