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Versão completa: MQ6 and MQ7 won't display album info properly in album playlist
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Warm greetings,
I'm having an issue with Aeon MQ 6 (and a similar issue in MQ 7) where the album and artist information is not displayed properly in multiple views of a music smart playlist organized to display albums of a particular genre. I'm currently running Jarvis 16.1. I'm including a screenshots from MQ6 3.3.0 ("wall" and "poster" views), although the same issue is present for MQ7 1.2.0. I tried switching to Aeon Nox which has a similar "wall" view; the information is displayed correctly there.

I'd appreciate any help you could offer to identify and fix the problem. Let me know if you need more information!

Sincere thanks,

Ben Gigliotti