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Hello everyone,

(Sorry for my English, I'm French)
First of all I find MQ7 really fantastic, it's really for me the most beautiful skin.
But I still have problems.
I have been filming a long time with openelec then libreelec. First with Aeon Nox then Aeon Madnox. But I really would like to go under Aeon MQ7.

I took the theme well except for a certain point. I have problems with playlists, I feel that the operation is not the same as for Aeon nox for example.

I explained to myself that I have been working with Aeon madnox for quite a while and I have absolutely no difficulty in creating playlists, adding a menu or a sub-menu to point to these playlists.

1 °) If I want to configure my "Movies" menu, now it points to my movies + my disney. So what I understood I'm going on "Replace this menu with ..." and then I go on "Video nodes" and I point out my way.
Already there I do not even know if I do well ??
Also when I do this it completely removes the background image which was rather nice I find and I do not know how to put it back.

2) I then create a menu "Jeunesse" where I would like to add 2 sub menu "Disney" and "Cartoon"
There it does not work, I can create the menu "Youth" but then impossible to create sub-menu. In addition "Youth" I can not "activate" (Show)

3) I also can not move my menus between them. Otherwise I lose all my configuration.

I do not know at all if I manage wrong but it is a shame because I really think this theme has potential and gives a certain kick to Kodi.

If you have any ideas I am taker.
thank you in advance


Welcome, and about your questions...

1. The best way, is create 2 folders one for regular movies, other folder for disney movies.

2. After scraper 2 folders, setting contents movies.

3. Create 2 smartplaylist, one for movies regular and other for my disney, filter is based path, option folder begin with..

4. In Customize main menu, use function replace and in right list, select +video playlist, choose your regular movies, rename item for Movies, Clone submenu movies, now you have in movies, all your regular movies item.

5. In any other item default or empty, repeat same steps item 4, for your disney movies.

It´s possible select widget (widget selector will appear video playlist + name playlist)

In customize have option for backup customization item and  save, and restore in any other´s one function available too

When put new items, and add movies, will split auto..very easy for to do and powerfull

Hello ,

Thank you very much for your answers, and sorry for my late return.

I've been using XBMC / Kodi for some time now, and I used to put each movie in a folder and I have a folder by category. Film, Disney, Cartoon, Concert ect ...

1) I have always used the smartplaylist but I confess that I have not found where they are under MQ7.
I have seen in "Customize main menu" -> "Movie" -> "Replace this menu with ..." -> "Create a smart video playlist", but clicking on it does not work Nothing happens.
I had to create my smartplaylist under aeon nox 5. Nothing of the main thing is that I could make them.

2) What I find pity is that when I go to "Movie" -> "Replace this menu with ..." -> "Video playlist" and I choose "Film.xsp" Original screen of the film section changes. Because suddenly when I change the theme by "modern" for example and suddenly all the wallpapers change except that of movies.

3) There is also something that does not seem to work.
I wish to create a menu "Youth" with 2 sub menu "Disney" and "Cartoon". Disney and cartoon are good smartplaylist so far no worries.
But in fact I wish that the "Youth" menu is no action. So if I do not put action on the menu "Youth" I can not activate "Display" and I can not create sub-menu either.

Thank you in advance for your return. I hope to have been clear, because explain something when in addition it is not in your language it is not obvious.


1. Go to customize main menu, item movies, press left arrow, first empty item

 "Customize main menu" -> "Movie" -> "Replace this menu with ..." -> "Create a smart video playlist"

It´s populate submenu in movies, now return to home, when you press this button in submenu, will open 

[Imagem: s8vBbML.jpg]

First step is creating new smartplaylist for filter and use Path to split contents...

2. Now in customize main menu, in any item, use replace function and in the right list, select option +video playlist
Choose one, rename item, clone submenu, and done.

3. Create 2 items in main menu Disney and Cartoon.

You have presets, where is possible create 10 main menus, and choose any very fast...

So is possible create one main menu only for your kids

Other main menu for your wife

More one specific for Live tv
Can you please tell me how to create a smart playlist in MQ8. I cannot find. Thanks
is default now in submenu, check there SMART V-PLAYLIST
Thanks a lot.