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Versão completa: Problem of full screen display for streaming radio
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Salut Wanilton!

Sorry in advance if my english is bad (I write from France!)

I have almost finished the setting of the skin aeon MQ7 and I confess that it is wonderful. Congratulations! 

On the other hand I have a problem with the full screen view for streaming radio. For this, I use the radio extension that I attach to music in a submenu. I have the title of the piece played, the lyrics, the discart but I do not have the jacket or logo of the radio like this ( or ). Instead I have the music note icon displayed by default. It's weird because I did a test on my PC and in this case everything appears correctly (logo of the radio).

How to correct this error?

If it is not possible to correct this problem, how to modify the default icons (movie, music note ...) so that it is prettier?

Thanks in advance for your help !!