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Versão completa: Open Weather Map
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I have Kodi Krypton 17.6 installed on my htpc laptop and use the AON MQ7 skin. I activated Open Weather Map and configured two locations. It worked very well till some weeks ago. On the weather item in the menu I see only a photo and the weather info is in the menu item images. But the info is all wrong. It are only zeros and I can't select the location that I configured.

How can I solve this problem?

Kindest regards,

Joop Liefaard.
, you need register and create one personal key in, after get key, insert in addon settings, use personal key is mandatory for work now.
Thank you very much Wanilton. I installed the API and now it is working well. There still is the following problem. When I navigate to main menu item Images (Afbeeldingen in my language Dutch) I see the weather projected on the screen. I don't see this on the menu item weather. When I press the menu item Images, the weather information disappears . When I press the menu item weather, I see the weather information. How can I solve this?


You need change widget, for fix it. Press up arrow, and choose none - clear. Have weather widget, for choose in the weather item, same press up arrow and select correct item.
Thanks a lot Wanilton. Everything is fine again.