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Post one image using skin mod by Angelinas, I think Marcos and me don´t understand well your request. Use imgur for host the image.
Submenue Issue still not solved.
Flag for Audio and Subtitle still not available
Show Progress Watching in View still not available

Extrafanart now working BUT: only on a single Movie.  When i have a Movie Collection, the Skin always change the Backgrounds. Which i don´t want. When i enter the Collection only 1 Background for every Movie appears and don´t change again.

Bluray Logo, mentioned here: not in the Update?

About submenu, Marcos explain it in official Kodi forum about, here text
Talking about the submenus I'll explain:
The Aeon MQ7 code has a submenu for each menu, there are thousands of submenus and thousands of lines of code that weigh heavily.
It is a powerful feature but few users need.
During the development of MQ8 I created a discussion to evaluate the possibility of unifying some submenus and no user (vip, translator, code collaborator) was against. The change occurred in ALPHA 1 BUILD 0.3.0 - RELEASE DATE 7/16/2017.
About 15k lines of code were eliminated and the result was a faster overall skin.

And what is the unification of the submenus exactly?
All items tagged with MOVIES share the same submenu.
All items tagged TVSHOWS share the same submenu.
All video playlists share the same submenu.
All audio playlists share the same submenu.
All program add-ons share the same submenu.
All video add-ons share the same submenu.
All audio add-ons share the same submenu.
All game add-ons share the same submenu.
All image add-ons share the same submenu.

For most users this does not make any difference, but for some to be a problem, I'm sorry for that.
I'm working on new code for the Aeon MQ9 that can bring all of the thousands of submenus back without it hurting anyone who does not use such a feature.

About images for audio and subttitle (nope, don't have support), Marcos prefer text. Feature available only in MQ7  mod.

About Show Progress Watching in library, no available, only in mq7 mod skin.

I have sets here, and extrafanart work too. Your text is no clear for me. Extrafanarts is default for one item or for sets, If dont like have option for show only 1 fanart.

About bluray, it's used filename for it.
Ok so i´m one of the few Users how don´t like this Submenu Issue. I can understand this Way. I´ll have to overthink that.

About the Images for Audio and Sub and the Show Progess... this sucks in my Eyes, but what should i do against it. It was good in MQ7, now it´s gone. 

Extrafanarts: When you have a Movieset, the Skin always changes the Background. Like it is a Movie. That´s not that how it works in other Skins before. You have your Movie Collection and you have 1 Poster and one Fanart for it. When you enter the Set and select one Movie the Background always changes. Like on every other Movie too. Now it´s turned around. The Background changes on the Set and stays the same on a Movie which is IN the Collection. I don´t know how i should explain.

Citação:About bluray, it's used filename for it.

I´ve tried that in difference Variations. Nothing happens. Example: 8MM.mkv 8MM.bluray 8MM.bluray.mkv 8MM.blu-ray.mkv etc..
same as here: 
Do you scrape the items again (reload), after change filename?
I´ve tried it several Times. Once he shows it, once not. I don´t know but it´s not that important. I´m not gonna change the Name of all my Data Files and resrape everything again so it doesn´t really matter anymore.

Unhappy Kodi doesn't have support native, we need to get via the filename. It's equal to studios, genres and more, where art filename need is the same in Kodi database for appearing.
(06/04/2019, 17:53)Wanilton Escreveu: [ -> ]
(03/04/2019, 17:36)Oema Escreveu: [ -> ]It is possible tu show the discart from the music album even if you have an album open to show the tracklist?

In the music library can i show clearart or logo, it is also possible to display the logo if no clearart exists?

about discart, will came in next version 2.9.0.

Yes, skin use logo, if don´t exist clearart, work fine. 

Ok now it is working. Thank you!
But if you press the mouse or the keyboard the discart disappears. You could show this nonstop ?
(09/04/2019, 13:15)Wanilton Escreveu: [ -> ] 

Unhappy Kodi doesn't have support native, we need to get via the filename. It's equal to studios, genres and more, where art filename need is the same in Kodi database for appearing.

I thought it does because it reads out the nfo Data but ok. Nothing i can do about. Thx for answer.
(06/04/2019, 17:54)Wanilton Escreveu: [ -> ]

Welcome, came in version 2.9.0, thanks for request this improvement.

Thanks for your kind words.

Hello Wanilton,

any News? I have the 2.9.0 but its not working, or I must change something?

In the Radio Menu the OSD is working.

Thank you for Information

Hi Holzfred,

I send info to Marcos, but what you request need a custom xml for work.
Marcos need more time for try integrate.

About Radio Menu OSD, I need test here. What add-on you are using?
Hi Wanilton,

only the integrated Radio Player for the DVB-C Radio Channels...

Hasta luego...

Hi @Wanilton ,

Did Marcos have time to look for my problem?

Am I the only one with the problem?
I deleted all my sources, deleted all my playlists and rebuilt everything, but I still have the problem

Thanks in advance.

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Boa noite
Aqui continuo sem conseguir enxergar as artes dos discos (fica o disco padrão)
e tb não está baixando aquelas imagens extras:
- poster animado
- Miniatura
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