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how can i display a special playlist (only for cover)

Follow these steps:

1- You need first to create a smartplaylist with your desired content:

2- then need to put this playlist as an item on your home (but invisible):

Select Customise Main Menu, under settings sub-menu

Then, select an empty space:

The Select "Replace This Menu With..." And choose your saved playlist

The put this menu invisible on "Show" option

3 - And then select as a widget:

Note that:

The covers will display as displayed on your playlist, maybe you need to tweak your playlist to show exactly as you need.


thx a lot , how can i get in the widget menu ?


Press up arrow in any item in the main menu, will open widget selector.
thx it works for firste time 

but when i want to change it and i press the up Button Details from the Movie was on the display
After choosing one widget, you have button widget in the menu (will reopen widget selector)