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Full Version: [RELEASE] Ace
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Ace has a design concept very different from what I had been doing in Aeon.
The Ace is a skin designed to be simple, clean and fast.
The concept of this skin textures were optimized to the maximum to make it light and small.
The Ace has only 13MB and is suitable for any device, from tablets to powerful HTPCs.
The sources have a size suitable for reading away from the skin and the layout is optimized for use with touch screens.
The Ace is now translated into 38 languages.
The Ace was written for XBMC Frodo.
All important Addons are installed automatically.


- Do you prefer vertical or horizontal menu? With Ace you choose the layout that suits you.
- In vertical menu you have up to 13 simultaneous menus appearing on your screen.
- Up to 12 most recent items always in sight in any layout.
- List of active and upcoming tracks with the album cover, you can choose an item from the list and start playing.
- Items also in progress to Albums and Concerts.
- All modes of view were rewritten to make them faster and more complete, plus new modes of Wide and Right List.
- New exclusive addon to download extra content from the skin. With one click you get themes, images, styles among other things.
- All themes of pictures of Aeon MQ4 were brought to Ace besides the new Modern theme.
- Thematics Styles. Now you can set a menu bar with the theme of your favorite movie. Use a style ready or easily create your own.
- Auto reset. Whenever a major change happens in the skin you don’t need to worry about reset after the update. The Ace will do this automatically. More convenience and fewer errors.
- Video Support Nodes with up to 5 + 12 menus submenus that may be included where you want.
- My Menu 1 and 2. Now you have twice of customization, you can include up to 12 items in My Menu, directly on the Main Menu window.
- View the most played games directly on the main menu. Function provided by the script Rom Collection Browser.
- Display of the episodes that aired on the day. Function provided by the script TV Show - Next Aired.


Choose the layout that suits you.
Thematics Styles is a novelty to leave the skin the way you like. You can include a style bar of your favorite film, favorite band or any other theme, simply choose from the already available or create your own.


Ace shows in main menu the most played games (provided by RCB) and also the TVShows that will air on day..


Now you have double the customization, up to 12 items for each My Menu.

This skin brings the Generation 4 customization mode. which is very simple to operate and works like any other window adjusting skin. Entered, changed, press 'return' or Esc and ready, everything is done.
Customization Generation 4, follows a concept that is different of everything I have ever done, everything runs very fast.

They are up to 25 new menus and 60 submenus!
The menus are predetermined, just set. The submenus follow the smart style, simply choose where you want to include and ready, very simple and fast.


You can add menus and submenus to playlists, favorites and addons, besides this you can now create your own menu or submenu with a Video Node.


All themes are present in Ace, you can choose one of them or use the random mode to have new images each time you start the skin.
There are 23 colors to personalize your skin, you can make beautiful combinations of themes and colors.
Set the transparency level of the panels, from very light to very dark.


Adjust the color of case and change the codec flag.
Personalize your collection as you wish.


Ace extrapack by malte, Wanilton, MarcosQui
Advanced Launcher by Angelscry -
Artist Slideshow by ronie/kyleejohnson (pkscuot) -
Artwork Downloader by Martijn -
CU LRC Lyrics by Taxigps|ronie -
Favourites script by ronie|`Black -
Random and Last items script by MikeBZH44, Martijn -
Rom Collection Browser by carabalb, jimyx17, malte, redkiller -
Skin Widgets by Martijn -
TV Show - Next Aired by Ppic, Frost, ronie, `Black -
Video Language Script by `Black -
XBMC Subtitles by amet, mr_blobby -


Artwork Organizer by ronie -
cdART Manager by Giftie -
Cinema Experience by nuka1195-giftie-ackbarr -
Global Search by ronie -
Metadata Actors by Frost ( -
Movie Sets by Frost ( -
TvTunes by Ppic, Frost, ronie -


The skin Ace is available on the official XBMC repository, go to settings/addons/get addons/skins

Important: When installing the skin a large number of addons are installed simultaneously, so it is absolutely normal to have only a black screen for 1 minute or more, depending on the internet conditions.


Then go to settings/main menu/themes and use the bottom OBTAIN OR UPGRADE EXTRA PACKAGE.

With EXTRA PACKAGE you have available:

Thematics Styles.
Animated icons for the weather.
Background images based on weather conditions.

The complete download can take a while depending on the speed of your internet connection.


Thank you Wanilton for the constant help.
Thank you all the contributors, donors, translators and people who supported the project.
Thank you all the creators of these fantastic scripts that have made this work more complete.
Thank you the team XBMC for their excellent work in FRODO and also for accepting this skin in official repository, especially to ronie for help with the details.


Ace 1.5.0 available - 04/20/2013


Added: Transparency selector for styles.
Added: Option to invert main menu colors, improved for use in dark styles.
Added: Support to icon genre and fanart genre. Video and Music.
Added: Fanart fallback in Music Visualization for Artists without picture in SlideShow mode.
Added: Views Selector, to disable views not used. Video and Music.
Added: CoverFlow Music - Album name and Song name.
Added: ExtraFanart for Music on Main Menu for Artists without picture in SlideShow.
Added: Artist Clearlogo for Music on Main Menu.
Added: Option to hide Next Tracks on main menu.
Added: New German MPAA flags.
Improved: Preview on styles selector.
Fixed: Weather background based on present conditions and MyTheme.
Fixed: Pause screen - Overlapping in some conditions.
Fixed: Missing Movie Title on top screen in some conditions.
Fixed: Navigation error on Smart Shortcuts.
Fixed: View LandScapeX - Watched icon.
Fixed: Hibernate submenu can't be deactivated. (thanks to Poulpe_38)
Fixed: PVR - TV Logo aspect ratio.
Fixed: PVR - Timer overlayed the channel list.
Fixed: Minor layout details.
Ace 1.7.0 available now via XBMC repo


Added: RCB - Support for videos in view Wide.
Fixed: Main Menu Customization - Smart submenu is overlapping on the main menu.
Fixed: Typo in Variables - (thanks to denywinarto)
Fixed: View Multiplex/TV Shows - Word 'minutes' in info panel.
Fixed: View Multiplex/Seasons - Studios information appears two times.
Ace 1.8.0 available - 9/18/2013


Added: New PVR - Many improvements over old version.
Added: Wall view - option to set grid between sizes default, mid and big.
Added: RCB - Panel view.
Added: RCB - Wall view and option to set grid between sizes default, mid and big.
Added: Gotham version/video osd - button to access subtitle delay.
Added: Gotham version/video osd - button to access 3D mode.
Added: TvTunes script - Support for Movie themes.
Fixed: Library status inside collections for video playlists.
Ace 1.9.0 available in official repo - 10/5/2013


Added: Live TV/submenu - for facilitate access to PVR functions.
Added: Widgets 'In Progress' for Video Playlists.
Added: PVR EPG - Bottom Bar/Time and Date.
Added: Support to trakt script - button in Context Menu to access trakt options.
Added: TvTunes script - Button in Video Info to get Movie Themes and Tv Show Themes/solo mode.
Changed: Gotham version/button 3D mode now is visible for non-3D content.
Changed: TvTunes - is activated by default.
Changed: TvTunes - removed the button for get themes within the collection.
Fixed: Typo in Variables/Music Genres Fanart. (thanks to Cocotus)
Fixed: PVR - Overlapping between Channel Manager and Channel Settings window.
Fixed: Status Widget - Text size to accommodate large titles.
Fixed: Layout details in Top Menu/Wide view.
Fixed: Media case 3D - displayed to non-3d content (like AC3D)
Fixed: Low List view - Layout details.
New release Ace available in official repo, version 2.0.0

Added: Sets View - Available for movies.
Added: Cyrillic fonts.
Added: Support to Tv Tunes script version 4.
Added: Auto instalation for Cinema Experience script.
Added: Widgets popup (play movie) - Option to play by Cinema Experience.
Added: TvShow Poster in Pause Screen.
Changed: Variables to UK flags - To improve compatibility.
Fixed: Cinema Experience/Video Info - Command to run the addon.
Fixed: Gotham Version - Compatible to latest changes in XBMC Alpha.
BUILD 2.0.1 - RELEASE DATE 11/30/2013

Fixed: Missing Mpaa Rating flags.