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Kodi impedindo que o monitor do PC desligue

Sometimes I like to lie down in bed and watch a show or movie from my phone before bed (yes, I know it's usually not great for you but meh) and I'm having a problem that seems to come and go almost randomly . I would like to solve it forever.

For some reason, Kodi sometimes prevents my monitor from respecting downtime as specified in my Windows power plan settings. I can set the sleep option in the Kodi settings but it is a minimum of 5 minutes and I really prefer to have only the power plan settings take care of everything. As my PC has to be in my room, this is a bit inconvenient. Also, for whatever reason, turning off my LG monitor seems to disconnect it as much as Windows is concerned and drops me to a single monitor desktop layout.

Is there a setting that is missing somewhere in Kodi or Windows that will take care of this problem? I know this is an extremely minor drawback at best, but I'm hoping there is a solution.

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Kodi impedindo que o monitor do PC desligue - por TrevorNoah - 13/05/2019, 07:26

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