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Add-On MyPicsDB
Addon Downloader 
Tópico destinado ao add-on MyPicsDB, este add-on permite que você faça a varredura de tags de imagens e armazene-as em um banco de dados.

[Imagem: icon.png]

[dl=MyPicsDB, 12.0.0 para XBMC Frodo]http://mirrors.xbmc.org/addons/frodo/plugin.image.mypicsdb/plugin.image.mypicsdb-12.0.0.zip[/dl]

- Digitalização de imagem JPG recursiva
- EXIF, IPTC e XMP metadados de digitalização fotos
- Filtrar por data
- Filtrar por pastas
- Filtrar por palavras-chaves
- Filtrar por categorias
- Filtrar por pessoas
- Usa o Google Maps para mostrar a localização de fotos de GPS marcados.
- Assistente de filtro avançado que permite selecionar várias tags de uma só vez.
- Varredura local ou remota

Tópico oficial no site XBMC.org, clique aqui

Change log:

New: MySQL support
Update: Version for Frodo changed to 12
Update: Readme amended

2013/06/07 --> v 2.2.12
Fix: Video import fixed
Update: Language files from Transifex

2013/05/19 --> v 2.2.11
Update: Using mmap for EXIF parser

2013/05/18 --> v 2.2.10
Fix: Missing date corrected in menu browse by dates in case of using MySql

2013/05/17 --> v 2.2.9
Fix: MySql is case sensitive on case sensitive file systems
Update: scanpath.py logging updated

2013/05/08 --> v 2.2.8
Fix: Image Rating
Fix: script.module.myconnpy dependency (for MySql) added to addon.xml

2013/05/02 --> v 2.2.6
Fix: Deletion of rootpath didn't delete all folders and files from DB
Fix: Wrong primary key introduced with MySql support for table TagsInFiles

2013/04/21 --> v 2.2.5
Update: Language files from Transifex

2013/04/12 --> v 2.2.4
Fix: Fixed missing settings after update from an old release

2013/04/12 --> v 2.2.3
Fix: Recent pictures for MySql fixed

2013/04/11 --> v 2.2.2
Update: First MySql release for UAT

2013/03/28 --> v 2.2.1
Update: Language files from Transifex

2013/03/20 --> v 2.2.0
Update: Production release

2013/03/19 --> v 2.1.3
Update: A dialog with missing pictures from Picasa import
New: Import a saved filter as a collection

2013/03/18 --> v 2.1.2
New: Import of albums from Picasa (done by herve502)

2013/03/08 --> v 2.1.1
New: Date period support in Filter Wizard
Fix: Fixed bug when adding a period

2013/03/08 --> v 2.0.8
Update: Language files from Transifex

2013/03/05 --> v 2.0.7
Fix: Checked tags corrected in Filter Wizard

2013/03/01 --> v 2.0.6
Update: Source code cleanup

2013/02/27 --> v 2.0.5
New: Tag type YYYY-MM introduced

2013/02/25 --> v 2.0.4
Update: Readme.txt amended

2013/02/21 --> v 2.0.4
Fix: Displayed count of pictures in "Browse by Tags" corrected

2013/02/19 --> v 2.0.3
New: Sort by date now possible with sort by play count. This include also the timestamp.

2013/02/15 --> v 2.0.2
Fix: Global search repaired

2013/02/13 --> v 2.0.1
New: Save/Load/Delete filter wizard settings
New: Store filenames to exclude from scan in add-on settings
Update: Google Maps reintroduced

2013/02/06 --> v 2.0.0
Added: Productive Frodo Version

2013/02/05 --> v 1.9.24
Update: New translations for tag types: Image Model, Image Make and Image Artist

2013/02/05 --> v 1.9.22
Fix: Infinitive loop in EXIF parser due to malformed pictures fixed.

2013/02/04 --> v 1.9.21
Update: EXIF tag "Image Artist" added

2013/02/04 --> v 1.9.20
Update: Additional skins removed

2013/02/01 --> v 1.9.19
Fix: DB version check was wrong

2013/01/25 --> v 1.9.18
Fix: Geo-Location decommissioned due to bug in Frodo
Update: XMP mwg-rs:RegionList Face recognition tags now supported
Update: Language files from Transifex

2013/01/25 --> v 1.9.17
Fix: English language file corrected

2013/01/25 --> v 1.9.15
Update: Source code cleanup

2013/01/22 --> v 1.9.14
Fix: Fixed unicode error in pathscanner.py

2013/01/22 --> v 1.9.13
Fix: Error in parameters parsing corrected
Fix: English language file corrected

2013/01/21 --> v 1.9.12
ATTENTION: Database update forces a re-scan of all pictures!
Update: Tag translations are now part of the Transifex translations
Update: Language files from Transifex
Fix: DB initialization fixed.

2013/01/17 --> v 1.9.11
Update: Latest translations

2013/01/16 --> v 1.9.10
Update: Logging step 2
Update: Scanning can be cancelled by clicking on the close button of the scan dialog

2013/01/15 --> v 1.9.9
Update: New logging introduced

2013/01/10 --> v 1.9.8
Fix: Problem with plus sign in path names fixed.

2013/01/09 --> v 1.9.7
Fix: Video files fixed.

2013/01/07 --> v 1.9.6
Fix: Global search works again (broken after cleanup of DB)
Fix: Excluded paths work again (broken after deployment of new file scanner)

2013/01/01 --> v 1.9.5
Update: Files which Sha value isn't changed won't be re-scanned
Update: Latest translations pulled.

2013/01/01 --> v 1.9.4
Fix: Problem with "&" in tags fixed.

2012/12/27 --> v 1.9.3
Fix: Obsolete debug print removed which caused unicode exceptions
Update: Progress Bar re-enabled

2012/12/23 --> v 1.9.2
Update: Language files from Transifex

2012/12/19 --> v 1.9.1
Fix: scanpaths.py unicode issues in tag parsers
Fix: GPS tags

2012/12/18 --> v 1.9.0 First Frodo only Beta version
Update: scanpaths.py now supports remote shares
Update: default.py now supports multi paths
Update: Files table doesn't anymore contain tags

2012/12/12 --> v 1.2.11
Fix: Changed all files to Unix style line break
Update: New EXIF parser
Fix: Synonym for Iptc4xmpCore:Country changed from 'Country' to 'Country Code'

2012/12/12 --> v 1.2.10
Fix: Skin set properties for picture categories produced an SQL error.

2012/12/03 --> v 1.2.9
Update: Changed version number to 3 digits due to request from XBMC team

2012/12/03 --> v
Fix: Fanart picture for list items removed.

2012/11/28 --> v
Fix: Debug prints removed

2012/11/27 --> v
Fix: Scanning fixed for Frodo Beta 1

2012/11/26 --> v
Update: Settings dialog changed

2012/11/19 --> v 1.2.8
Update: Changed for first Frodo beta release

2012/11/14 --> v
Fix: In any case of an IPTC parser error the complete IPTC tags for the picture will be ignored.
Update: Several new imported XMP Iptc4xmpCore and Iptc4xmpExt tags which replace IPTC IIM tags.

2012/11/07 --> v
Fix: Unicode error in collections fixed.

2012/11/07 --> v
Update: Counting pictures in subfolders changed due to performance.

2012/11/07 --> v
Fix: Counting tags corrected.
Update: 2 new indexes on table folders and one changed on table files

2012/11/06 --> v
Fix: Periods now work even if there are NULL dates in the pictures

2012/11/06 --> v
Fix: Browse by date now works even if there are NULL dates in the pictures

2012/11/05 --> v 1.2.4 - 1.2.7
Fix: Changed string variables in SQL statements to bind variables.
Fix: Unicode issue in RequestWithBinds()
Update: Performance update. New function list_TagTypesAndCount().

2012/11/04 --> v 1.2.3
Fix: Apostrophes in tags caused errors

2012/11/04 --> v 1.2.2
Fix: DB cleanup function had a bug which caused the "browse by folder" and "browse by date" menus to stop working.

2012/11/03 --> v 1.2.1
Fix: Needed version of script.module.dialogaddonscan set to 1.1.1 due to Frodo changes in add-on.

2012/11/02 --> v 1.2
Fix: Several fixes for Frodo

2012/10/30 --> v
Update: Initialization of DB changed. See readme.txt chapter 2)
Fix: storageserverdummy path corrected

2012/10/27 --> v 1.1.9
Fix: Missing EXIF version caused an SQL error.
Fix: Several fixes for filenames containing an apostrophe
Update: Removing missing files and directories from database improved.

2012/10/23 --> v
Fix: Deleting files containing an apostrophe.
Fix: Debug prints deleted in scanpath.py

2012/10/23 --> v 1.1.8
Fix: Path fixed when retrieving "EXIF DateTimeOriginal", "EXIF ExifImageWidth" and "EXIF ExifImageLength".
Fix: EXIF parser now handles JPEG marker APP14 (0xFFEE) with Segment Adobe correctly.

2012/10/22 --> v 1.1.7
Fix: SQL statement to get the "EXIF DateTimeOriginal" changed due to exceptions if tag isn't set.

2012/10/16 --> v 1.1.6
Update: Filter Wizard only show tags if there are pictures
Update: Main menu contains a help menu item which shows the readme.txt

2012/10/15 --> v 1.1.5
Update: After adding an exclude path a hint dialog box is displayed to inform the user to rescan the paths.
Update: Exclude path can be entered before adding the first include path
Update: Browse by folder now with sort method label

2012/10/12 --> v 1.1.4
Fix: Video menu didn't show any videos

2012/10/10 --> v 1.1.3
Update: Container.Refresh(...) for new exclude path(s)

2012/10/09 --> v 1.1.2
Update: New XMP tag Iptc4xmpExt:PersonInImage for people tagging and several more from Iptc4xmpExt extension
Fix: Now Frodo compatible
Fix: Warning message "problems with charset recognition" removed from IPTC parser

2012/10/06 --> v 1.1.1
Fix: Two UTF-8 / Unicode conversion errors fixed.

2012/09/10 --> v 1.1.0
Update: Filter wizard now has a "not" function.
Green checkbox -> picture must contain the tag
Red checkbox -> picture must NOT contain the tag

2012/09/08 --> v 1.0.2
Update: Resolution and EXIF:Datetime infolabels set for "Pic Thumbs" view
Fix: Error "no such column: files.GPS GPSLatitudeRef" now fixed
Fix: English translation

2012/08/07 --> v 1.0.1
Update: New dutch translation from mhdebokx

2012/08/03 --> v 1.0.0
Update: New french translation from mikebzh44

2012/07/30 --> v 0.9.2
Update: Sha not calculated for videos

2012/07/09 --> v 0.9.1
Added: Filter wizard XML files for following skins: skin.aeon.nox.svn, skin.aeonmq.2, skin.glass.svn and skin.refocus.release
Update: Performance tuning. Needless DDL commands during scanning removed.
Update: New dialog box in "Scan all Paths". Enables you to rescan all pictures even if there are not modified.
Update: Latest EXIF parser included.

2012/06/26 --> v 0.9.0
Update: Translation editor for generic tag types. If the translation is empty then the tag type won't be displayed in MyPicsDB menus.[CR]Attention: If the editor doesn't work correctly then deleted MyPictures.db and rescan your pictures.
Update: Filter wizard GUI updated (dimensions corrected).
Fixed: "Add a path to database" now works correctly after you deleted one/some path(s).

2012/06/25 --> v 0.7.7
Fixed: MikeBZH44 corrected the slideshow for skinners

2012/06/19 --> v 0.7.6
Update: Filter wizard now with splitted list view

2012/06/19 --> v 0.7.5
Fixed: Version mismatch in 0.7.4

2012/06/16 --> v 0.7.4
New: Setproperties method for folder names. See Readme.txt for details

2012/06/13 --> v 0.7.3
Fixed: Forgotten translation for "filter wizard", "OK" & "Cancel".
Fixed: XMP tags are now unescaped.
New: "Match all tags" button in filter wizard.

2012/06/11 --> v 0.7.2
Fixed: Context menu in browse for tags removed, context menu in tag contents corrected
New: Method setproperties. See Readme.txt for details
Fixed: openELEC compatibility for directory and file names with non ASCII characters
New: New tag filter wizard

2012/04/16 --> v 0.7.0
Update: XMP parser stabilised and corrected
Update: New french translation by mikebzh44 from forum.xbmc.org
Fixed: Tags and TagTypes count(*) select corrected

2012/04/12 --> v 0.6.9
Update: Started to combine EXIF, IPTC & XMP tags.
Update: Several more XMP tags.

2012/04/24 --> v 0.6.8
Update: Browse by tags

2012/04/06 --> v 0.6.7
Fixed: Geolocation with GoogleMaps corrected
Fixed: Stat function in scanpath.py throwed exceptions.
Update: Danish translation by fungify

2012/04/06 --> v 0.6.6
Fixed: Issue adding a directory partially fixed. Only partially but better than before.
Fixed: Pictures with country but without city tag could only be displayed when there was at least 1 picture with a city tag.
Fixed: When accessing a picture without file system permissions the plugin ignores the file access error and continous scanning the other files.
Fixed: Unicode bug with danish characters, though I tested it with german umlauts?!?!
Update: French translation by fmronan

2012/03/27 --> v 0.6.5
New: Introduction of new tags meta tables

2012/03/27 --> v 0.6.4
Fixed: DB init error

2012/03/27 --> v 0.6.3
Fixed: Changed string dutch & french string.xml from id 30201 till id 30213

2012/03/23 --> v 0.6.2
Fixed: Changed string handling. Internally only unicodes are used which are encoded/decoded for use with xbmc or filesystem.
Update: Dutch translations by mhdebokx

2012/03/13 --> v 0.6.1
Fixed: Several unicode errors of migrated branch code fixed

2012/03/13 --> v 0.6.0
Update: Missing branch features integrated

2012/03/09 --> v 0.5.6
Update: Dutch translations by Robotica

2012/03/06 --> v 0.5.5
Update: Unicode issues with IPTC keywords fixed. Keywords are assumed to have UTF-8 encoding and if not then CP1252 (windows western europe) encoding. I hope this will fix most of the issues.
Update: "Browse by keywords" replaced by "Browse by tags". IPTC keywords marked with "Keyword:" and XMP PersonDisplayName tags with "Person:"
Update: "No keyword in picture" under "Browse by tags" now correctly working. Error in select statement corrected.
Added: XMP PersonDisplayName tags retrieved.
Added: When adding a new path to the database a cleanup function is called which deletes unused keywords.

2012/02/29 --> v 0.5.4
Update: Unicode issues with keywords fixed

2012/02/14 --> v 0.5.3 "Eden Edition"
Update: Unicode issues with filenames fixed

2010/12/23 --> v 0.5 "christmas 2010 Edition"
Added : possibility to use remote shares (slow but functionnal)
Update : code cleanup, the whole addon is lot more speed
New : can now add many folders to scan
New : can exclude folders
New : show a [g] next to filename if picture is geotagged
New : show a map of the picture if it is geotagged (via the contextual menu)
New : show stars next to filename if the picture is rated. You can filter pics to show using a setting
New : picture extension is editable from the settings
New : ability to export in an archive some pictures, ability to copy pictures
Update : better use of dates
fixed many encoding errors (hopefully not or just few encoding errors still exists)
and a lot more !
Have a nice Christmas !!

2010/09/23 --> v 0.2
Added : Collections : You can save a set of pictures as a collection. Think about it like an album feature (but I didnt want to use this term)
Added : Period sorting : You can sort a set of picture according of their date. The whole period you want from any date of your pictures
fixed : some encodings error
update : french and english strings files (need updates on german and dutch ones, need more translation for other countries please)
Added : icones and fanarts (please feel free to tell me if pictures are not nice as I'm not designer)

2010/09/15 --> v 0.1.3
In the Sort by folder view, the count of the pictures was counting only the pics within the concerned folder, not all the pics from its subfolders

Fixed an issue that appear when scanning non unicode IPTC metadatas
The strings are now localized ready. Please submit string.xml in your language need a german update (maybe correct english lannguage too)

Added German language for settings
fixed : unicode errors in the file path, filename
Setting to force reinit of the database on each plugin start is by default set to False. Picture folder will be scanned only at the start of the plugin. Next start, only new pics will be added and pictures physically removed will be removed from the databasse too.

Count how many pics for each filter

New way to select pictures to add in the database.
Many file extension can be added (as for now are : ".JPG",".TIF",".PNG",".GIF",".BMP")
but only jpg will be scanned for EXIF and IPTC metadatas

2010/09/08 --> v 0.1.2
-the uggly log system was missing a file preventing plugin to start.
(the log system is not used now, need to remove it later)
-the database is now stored in the XBMC\userdata\Database directory, just next to myvideos, mymusic, myprograms databases
-the userdata/addon_data was not setted correctly.

2010/09/07 --> v 0.1.1
First beta dharma release as version 0.1.1

First attempt in porting the plugin to the new dharma addon system

Very first version just before xbmc dharma release : beta 1
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Sinal Aviso 
Instalei esse add-on, mas acho que fiz alguma coisa errada pois nada aconteceu de diferente no menu Imagens. :(
Sinal Aviso 
@R.O.N.A.L.D.O, configurou o add-on depois de instalar, neste caso é necessário.
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Sinal Aviso 

Se eu lhe disser que não lembro se configurei alguma coisa ou não você acredita ? Kkkkkkkkkkkkk....

Vou verificar isso. ;)
Sinal Aviso 

Não tem muito o que configurar neste add-on, ainda não consegui fazê-lo funcionar como eu gostaria que fosse.

Alguém mais está usando esse add-on para me dar umas dicas ?
Desculpe se postei em lugar errado, mas gostaria de saber mais, sobre como organizar as imagens, tem algum arquivo que fica armazenado detalhes da imagem e esta imagens tem que ficar com algum nome especifico??
@Aldo Vilela Fonte Boa, fotos é similar a músicas, as informações ficam guardadas internamente dentro do arquivo em si, e são lidas por aplicativos, o XBMC apresentava até a versão frodo, poucas informações, mas na versão gotham, várias foram inseridas, mas é algo que a skin precisa dar suporte, e por hora nenhuma que conheço mostre, vamos ver mais para frente o que dá para fazer, provável que o @MarcosQui, venhaa a acertar na MQ5, quando estiver vendo a parte de imagens:
Eis os novas informações disponíveis:
Apoie o projeto MEDIA Brasil. Faça uma doação ou assine e torne-se Vip - Tenha acesso aos recursos exclusivos das versões customizadas + acesso área vip do fórum.  
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Muito obrigado por responder!

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