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Notícia Procedures for better use our forum
Sinal Aviso 

The Media community is growing every day, and it's a community of generous supporters who are valuable contributors on the forum.

That said, Admin's development is a labour of love, meaning that we have day jobs as well. We unfortunately do not have the resources required to respond 24/7 to questions that have been answered before or that are clearly explained in the existing documentation and video tutorials.

We want to support all users as best we can, but this must be within reason.

If you notice a glaring gap in the documentation, please politely alert us to this so that we can try to address the problem. The KODI program is under constant development, so it can be challenging to keep pace.

We'd appreciate your reading through the following guidelines on how to use the forum for technical support.

About PMs (Private Messages) -- This is a RULE, NOT A GUIDELINE:

We're begging you, *PLEASE* do not send private messages or e-mails to users or the admins for a technical support question. Often the question and answer will be useful to others, and if we respond privately we will just have to duplicate our efforts in the future for other users.

An exception is if you need to share private data of some kind.


Please make a sincere attempt to:

Find an answer by searching the forum or the youtube tutorials
Find an answer by searching the Web
Find an answer by thorough inspection or experimentation, and keep track of what you're doing so that when you do post you can provide information on what worked and didn't work during your problem-solving attempts
Make sure that your question is about Kodi, scripts, plugins, skins and all relationed.


To ensure the most helpful responses possible:
Please be polite
Post your question on the appropriate part of the forum
Use meaningful, specific subject headers
Be precise and informative about your problem
Describe the problem's symptoms, **not your guesses**
Describe these symptoms in chronological order
Describe the goal, not the step
Be explicit about your question--don't assume we can guess what you actually want to do or know
As much as possible, write in clear, grammatical, correctly spelled language. This is a global community, so please feel comfortable posting in your native language. However, when you do, try to write well so that we can use Google Translate to correctly interpret your question. ** Colloquialisms, slang, bad grammar, and abbreviations do not translate well.
Groveling is not a substitute for doing your homework (this is quoted directly from other sites--and it's very true!!)
Once your problem has been solved (whether based on the answers you received or something else), please follow up with a brief note on the solution. This is important to other users who may be experiencing similar problems. Please don't write "never mind I figured it out" without telling us what you figured out!

Specific Tips:

Don't just tell us that something "is not working". What does "not working" actually mean?

Tell us exactly which version KODI you're using. "Latest version" is not a valid version number. You may wish to keep this information updated in your signature. (Please don't expect us to remember your particular setup based on an earlier thread. We won't, and it's not fair to expect us to review old threads in order to find this out.)

Whenever relevant, include the version numbers for all software that you are using, and likewise with regard to hardware.

If you followed instructions on a site or in a post (here or elsewhere), link to the specific resource. In general, avoid vague allusions such as "I followed the instructions," "I copied the xml" etc. without specifying what exactly you did or what exactly you copied.


The guidelines above are largely based on those posted elsewhere online. Grateful hat tips to:

On our end, we enjoy discussing how to use KODI and ways to improve it, and we value all the constructive user feedback that has helped to make the software better over the years. Thanks again to one and all for your continued support!

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Request more info via chat or private message.

Please do not PM me for support; use the forum instead

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