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Option to link "LIVE TV" to TV Guide?
On my system, if I click "LIVE TV" from the main menu, it takes me to a vertical listing of channels similar to this photo:

[Imagem: iptv-deutchland-pvr-addon.jpg]

However, I actually prefer listing my channels in a grid form similar to this photo:

[Imagem: 13_XBMC_EPG.png]

I've found if I go into the sub menu for LIVE TV, there is an option to bring up the grid view (it's called "LIVE TV-GUIDE").

Is there any way to have the MAIN MENU entry for LIVE TV go to the guide rather than the list?  I tried to copy the sub menu entry and make it as a "Replace menu with..." option, but it actually broke the menu completely and I had to restore it to the default.

Also while I'm on the topic, is there a way to change the background of the guide?  I don't see any way to do that once INSIDE the guide.  Thanks!
(20/07/2016, 00:20)hansolo77 Escreveu: Is there any way to have the MAIN MENU entry for LIVE TV go to the guide rather than the list?  I tried to copy the sub menu entry and make it as a "Replace menu with..." option, but it actually broke the menu completely and I had to restore it to the default.
Write this menu time ....you need to delete some line in IncludesMenuCustom.xml
if you want more, submenu and simular you must create new xml for them (customSub6013.xml.......)
just try to delete that line....all working with that changes :)
Sorry I know there's a language barrier here...

Are you saying that if I go in to IncludesMenuCustom.xml and delete that "<visible>" line, it'll make it work?
yes delete that lines, and you have new label in custom menu for home.

[Imagem: 7Biwtq3.jpg]
Ok thanks, I'll give that a try soon!

EDIT - The /1080i/IncludesMenuCustom.xml file has bunch of entries with that <visible> line...  Which one do I erease?  Also, I saw your line " 3137,3158,3170".. what does that mean?  Are those the entries I need to erase?  They're not in my .xml file.
I found this bit:
    <!-- TV ao vivo EPG -->
    <!-- 6523 -->
    <property name="id">livetv</property>

It's right below the (TVChannels) "<onclick>".  Instead of "TVChannels" this one says "TVGuide".  Is that the one?  I also noticed that the "visible" line doesn't exist in the "TVChannels" section, so I'm assuming that's because it's already visible?  I'll try and and see what happens.
Yay!  Looks like that did it.  :)  The only problem now is I don't have access to the submenu.  I'd like that if possible, but if it's going to require a lot more work, I'm cool with not having it.  I use the TV submenu to list things like Advanced WOL and Recordings/Timers.  But it's working great for what I need.  Thanks!

Ps, can get this edited into the official release?  I don't see why it should be a hidden feature like that, requiring manual editing.

.xml   customSub6013.xml (Tamanho: 13,89 KB / Downloads: 6)

For submenu need to paste this xml in your folder 1080i (download atached file)
and add this line in includesvariable.xml in line 212
    <value condition="StringCompare(Container(9000).ListItem.Property(subid),livetvepg)">6013</value>

Wanilton read this post and he know about mine changes... for PVR...
But Marcos isnt changes noting for PVR in all version of MQ 7,in this version he change for first time, hope he will continue.
Ah thanks for the info.  I hope he continues to work on better PVR support as well.  It's a nice thing to have when you're running a PVR.  I know it's still a relatively new thing to have on Kodi, so maybe once he sees how popular it is, more love will come.  :)

I'll make those changes and let you know how it goes!
OK I made the additions, the submenu now appears, and is listed with a bunch of "Empty" in the Skin settings.  But I can't edit the submenu.  I click on "Replace this menu with" and choose the item I want, but it doesn't save it.  It just closes the option.
[Imagem: dNRWu1i.png]

you need to clone submenu not menu !
forgate to atached label changes for that xml owerwrite this xml too

this is rar file ( can put direct xml...to large)

.rar   IncludesMenuContent.rar (Tamanho: 49,75 KB / Downloads: 5)
It works!  For some reaso, I had to reboot like a dozen times trying to get the skin to save.  What's up with that?  I'd make a change, reboot, and it didn't save anything.  Then I'd make the changes again, reboot, and it would save.  Then I would reboot again, and it was back the way it was before.  Very frustrating.  It's like the files became read-only or something.  But I finally got it, and saved the whole menu as a preset.  Hopefully that will make it easier in the future to restore.

The only other PVR related issue I have is just a minor annoyance.  When you view your recordings, it doesn't display the show artwork until you actually enter the show.  At that point, it does.  If you have multiple different shows, you get that same gray default art that looks bad.  Are there plans to maybe have the show artwork (poster) actually show on the main "recordings" page, and then maybe a thumbnail or something for the individual episodes?  Again, this is minor, and probably should go into another thread.

Thanks again!  Really loving this skin!

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