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Skin Ace 2 - 1.4.0 - Final - Public Release

Coming soon in the official repository.
If you don't want to wait, direct link:

Skin Ace 2









The new Ace 2 skin has changed. The skin leaves it small and limited to become a large and powerful skin, in some cases more powerful than Aeon MQ 8 and with amazing performance.
Much code has been rewritten. Much has been rethought or improved to achieve maximum customization and performance.

- New layout based on text, icons and colors.
- Reminders for items in progress and suggestion based on last played media.
- New layout for context menu submenus.
- Option to set background as collection fanarts, which will automatically appear for any menu with related content.

- A brand new selector organized by categories, also includes sorting and sorting options in the same window.
- A new code provides over 200% faster widget loading speed compared to Aeon MQ 8.
- Direct access to playlists and nodes. You no longer need to create an item in the main menu to have playlist widgets, you can now choose any existing playlist or node independently.
- The well-known feature called My Menu now gives way to Custom Favorites. Each of the 20 menus can have a set of independent custom favorite widgets. You can create a list with unique or mixed content with movies, sitcoms, addons and etc ..
- New button for Custom Widget where it is possible to include a url for exclusive content.

- A new view called Tech has been incorporated. It has a modern look and fully customizable.
- A new view called SetsPlus has been incorporated. Displaying all items present within the set.
- The right list, Frame, and Wall views have been improved layout.
- The media label bar now shows audio and subtitle languages ​​graphically, with the language, channel and audio codec flag.

- New layout for the Pause window with milimalist design.
- Video Info window with cast widgets.
- New OSD menu bar with several built-in functions like direct access to audio tracks, subtitles and my note.

- New layout, more organized and complete.
- Artist Info window with discography widgets.
- New OSD menu bar, with several built-in functions such as direct access to upcoming tracks, backgrounds, my note, preview effects and playlist.

- Improved, cleaner and more organized layout.
- New feature called My Submenu. Some menus have a default submenu, others have no submenu. In this case just choose an empty set and include in it the submenus you want or you can also clone the submenu from another menu. This feature eliminates many idle lines of code while giving more customization power. With My Submenu there is no longer the limitation of shared submenus as there is in Aeon MQ 8. Each menu has its own independent set.

Icon selector for the Main Menu. You can choose between internal or external icons. You can also change the box color of each menu.

Composition is a background image for the Menu bar, where you can choose a background image, a folder with multiple images, or even an animated gif.

- Option to choose between light mode or dark mode.
- In addition to the familiar options for setting panel and title colors, it is now also possible to change the color of the entire skin text, as well as the color of the hover button.

- In the Replace selector now all add-on options are available. You can create a menu with direct access to any item and include all other options as submenus.
- In addition to the menu the skin also offers full support for Netflix widgets.

- Completely reformulated, with grouped information where it is possible to see the current condition and also hourly separated by color between morning, afternoon, night and dawn.
- No longer need to define between northern or southern hemisphere, Ace 2 does this automatically based on the geographic coordinates of the chosen city.

- The Reapply adjustments function has been improved. Main menu customization is not affected using this function, only the general settings will be reset.
- Full Reset function is still available and resets all skin settings back to default.

- My note - In the media info windows and also during playback you can set a personal note. This note will appear as My Rating in all windows where there is rating information.
- Several windows have been reviewed to improve navigation and overall experience.
The first Ace had new code and interesting ideas, which underpinned the creation of Aeon MQ 5.
The story repeats with Ace 2, the skin that will be used as the basis for the future Aeon MQ 9.

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