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I have a question about clearart. for some films, the preferred format is clearart; if there are none, a logo is displayed.
film sets, if no logo of the set is displayed if a clearart does not exist. Instead, a clearart from the first film of the set is displayed
Hello guys,

First of all, killer skin. Marcos has done it again.

I upgraded from MQ7 but I've run into an issue that I cannot recall how to work around.
I used to be able to download subtitles without going into multiple menus (OSD> Subttles> Download). Is there a way to customise the video menu so that I can add to "download subtitles" icon in the video menu like I did in MQ7? I'm sure that I had done this in MQ7.

I appreciate if anyone has any leads that may be able to help!

A Movie with HDR 4K and 10Bit don´t show all Flags. If 10Bit shows up, HDR falls back to SDR. If HDR shows up, 10Bit falls back to 8Bit. The 4K Logo is always there. Regardless the Way i´m renaming it. Suggestions?

you need in filename have

.8bit. or .10bit. or .12.bit. its ok too -8bit or -10bit- or -12bit


.sdr. or .hdr. its ok too -sdr or -hdr

When having work fine.
i know in filename but it dont show up. 

Filename .4K .HDR .10Bit displays only 4K and HDR and 8 Bit
Filename .4K .10Bit .HDR displays only 4K and 10 Bit and SDR
Filename .10Bit .4K .HDR displays only .HDR and 4K
Not all three together. it falls back to SDR OR 8 Bit..
it´s hdr no HDR, it´s .10bit. no .10Bit.

look the skin code

<variable name="sdrhdr">
<value condition="String.Contains(ListItem.Filenameandpath,.hdr.) | String.Contains(ListItem.Filenameandpath,-hdr)">$VAR[extras_path]hdr.png</value>
<variable name="bitdepth">
<value condition="String.Contains(ListItem.Filenameandpath,.10bit.) | String.Contains(ListItem.Filenameandpath,-10bit)">$VAR[extras_path]10bit.png</value>
<value condition="String.Contains(ListItem.Filenameandpath,.12bit.) | String.Contains(ListItem.Filenameandpath,-12bit)">$VAR[extras_path]12bit.png</value>
you wrote .10bit. I have some Files only with Bluray and 10Bit and named them all same. filename .Bluray .10Bit and that worked. 

filename -4k -hdr -10bit <- works now and shows up all 3. Is it generally better this Way or doesn´t it matter anyway if there isn´t more than 2 Flags?

looks pretty nice now. 

Last Question: On this Movie the Skin doesn´t show up a Discart and a clearart. It´s available and also saved in the Folder. I have another Movie with the same Categorys, 10Bit HDR and 4K and with this it´s working. Any go-around on this? Tried different Variants
Hi Wanilton, I have a problem with clearart, that is if I go to the movie
tab as you can see from the image with the green circle this is my clearart.

Instead when I reproduce the movie and go to the tab as you can see from
the image with the red circle that clearart is different from mine.

Can you understand what the problem is?

It happens with all the movies and only with clearart.

With posters, fanart, banner, discart and clearlogo all okay!

As operating system I use LibreELEC (Leia) 9.0.1 MR

The version of kodi is 18.1

The structure I use, each movie has its own folder with the artwork inside as you can see from this image.
I manually load my artwork from info choose image

I also deleted the caches and thumbnails.

I'm sorry but I don't speak English I hope I was clear with the problem

I will check..
(17/05/2019, 11:11)Wanilton Escreveu: [ -> ] 

Please use imgur for upload your images.

for a matter of privacy I don't use imgur

(17/05/2019, 11:11)Wanilton Escreveu: [ -> ] 

I will check, its happen with MQ7 or MQ8.

Skin Aeon MQ8 2.9.0
(17/05/2019, 11:11)Wanilton Escreveu: [ -> ] 

I will check..

okay, thanks a lot
hello all
and thanks for the great work on 2.9.0 
I'm trying, to update the old mq7 ... but an important view is missing. easy and comfortable.

Is it possible to insert the 3D shelf as a visual? 

this is comfortable and beautiful, it quickly displays the type of box to understand the quality or type of format.

Marcos is working hard in Ace 2 skin for releasing the first beta version for use with Kodi Leia 18.2 or 18.3. No eta for the release date yet.

New features only in Aeon MQ9.
Hello everyone,
I can not have the same rendering on my Zidoo x10 and Windows 7.
Is this a setting?
Thank you for this beautiful skin.
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